Wrong behaviour of Hikashop coupons

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7 months 1 week ago #333358

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.4.3
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.23
-- PHP version -- : 7.4.16


During the development of our website, we have included a "coupon", and we have discovered this strange behaviour:

The information in the JSON is related to the property "$cart->full_total" on the checkout page.

The final value "price_value_with_tax", "price_value_without_discount" and "price_value_without_discunt_with_tax" and "taxes_without_discount" seems to be correct, but all other calculated values are wrong.

The are using a raw Hikashop at the last version without any custom code (no hacks and no custom plugins).

Can you check it?

Thanks in advance.



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7 months 6 days ago #333359


Please note that there is a "apply coupon" setting under the taxes area of the HikaShop configuration where you can select "before taxes" or "after taxes".
So you might need to change that setting.
Also, coupons have a setting "Coupon handling of discounted products" that you can configure to handle discounted products differently. And they also have a setting "automatic taxes" which can change the behavior of how everything is calculated.
As you can understand, there are many combinations of settings possible to get many different results in order to cope with the different laws, and ways of using coupons, taxes and discounts.

In order to check in details the issue, we would first need that you provide more precise information on the situation:
- a screenshot of the settings of the coupon
- a screenshot of all the settings under the "taxes" area of the Hikashop configuration
- a screenshot of the settings of each product in the cart
- a screenshot of the tax rules in the System>Taxes menu
- a screenshoft of the resulting cart view on the checkout
- that you say which value is wrong to you in that last screenshot and what you expect instead
That way, we'll be able to reproduce the exact same situation on our end and check if it's a setting issue, or a bug, and if it's a bug, we'll be able to debug the exact same situation and modify the code to get the expected result.

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7 months 6 days ago #333375

Hi Nicolas,

thanks for your extensive and clear explanation of the whole set of possible scenarios and potential missinterpretation of the situation.

We will look forward for a detailed extra testing and report tomorrow morning.

Best regards,

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