Integration: Hikashop & AcyMailing - how to ?

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Hi again,

So, I have Hikashop Business v1.1.1 and AcyMailing Business v1.5.2, and I created a product category
called: GIFT CERTIFICATES, and a product called: GIFT CERTIFICATES.

In the product GIFT CERTIFICATES, I have 6 prices - different levels of pricing:
$25, $50, $75, $100, $150, $200.

I fill in the rest of the page, and I save this product.

When I copy / paste, the Add to Cart HTML Link, into a browser, I do get a page to come up
with it is with only 1 price listed: $25, where is the option to pick one of the other 5 prices??

Dropdown would be acceptable even though I would prefer radio buttons or etc...



P.S.: I'm using the Add to Cart HTML link that I am placing in an AcyMailing newsletter.

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You can only have one price per (minimum quantity, currency) tuple. The multi price feature is for you to have rebates on big purchases of a product. If you want to have several variants of a product with a price for each here is what to do:
Create a characteristic (for example size) and values to it (for example S, M, L, XL). Then, on your product, add that characteristic and click on the "manage variants" button. There you will have your list of variants. Publish the ones you need and edit them to change their price. You're done. If you go to the product page, you will see a dropdown with the different values of the characteristic and when you change it, the price will change. You can also set different prices to each variant so that if a user buys for exemple 10 items, he gets a lower price per unit.

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