How can I get two different product searchs?

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-- HikaShop version -- : HikaShop Business
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-- PHP version -- : 7.2.13

Hello Nicholas, I know my question is not clear. I will try to make myself understood. I am building a price comparison website for clothes. I want to put on my website the e-commerce products of Italy, France, Spain, Germany. The default search will be for Italian products. For example customer types on smart search of web-site, or search through category and filter the product "Men's Sneakers White Adidas". The web-site will show him all the Men's Sneakers White Adidas of Italian e-commerce. But if the customer does not find anything he likes, he can press the button Spain for see the products of Spain e-commerce. If it is possible with hikashop, How can I get this effect? Mostly How can I not miss the previus search? I mean, for example if I type on smart search of google the word "Sneakers" it will show me all web-sites, and now if I push the image button among, it will show me all image about sneaker, and I must not type again the word "Sneakers" on smart search. I would like to create this similar effetc with the product of my website. I hope I explained myself. Thank you for your help and mostly thank you for your hard and great job.

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Here is something that might work:
First, go in the menu Display>Custom fields and configure a custom field of the type "single dropdown" with all the countries you want to support as values and in each product select the country for which that product is. The custom field can be made a multiple dropdown if you need to be able to select several countries for some products.
You could then have two filters configured via the menu Display>Filters:
- one of the type "text" where the customer could enter the text he wants to search based on the "product name" and maybe other columns of the products (like for example the product code).
- one of the type dropdown or list or radio applying on the country custom field where the customer can select the country on which the search will apply so that it will only take into account the products where that country has been selected.

Now, if you have the "redirect POST mode" setting activated in the HikaShop configuration, the parameters of the filters will go through the URL of the page when you use the filters and you'll be able to create menu items directly with the country preselected in the country selection filter (if that's necessary).

Now regarding the joomla smart search, HikaShop is not integrated with it, so unless you develop a plugin to integrate HikaShop with it, you won't be able to use it with HikaShop and even if you do, I don't see a way to have it support a country selection like you can do with the HikaShop filters system.

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Thank you for your answer!

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