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1. I have two attachments. One is how my product options look like right now. And one how i want them to look like.
What styling do i add to make them look like this? I find this hard to do since some table data's do not have a class.

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Some parts of HikaShop may have a lack of class, we recognize it easily and we work on it.
But, here I can say that I do not share your opinion, in my opinion you have the necessary classes to style precisely this or that element.

Now some example of way to build precise and specific selector :
div#hikashop_product_characteristics tr.hikashop_characteristic_line_3 td:first-child
=> Select only the first td in the tr with the specific "hikashop_characteristic_line_3"
div#hikashop_product_characteristics tr.hikashop_characteristic_line_13 div.controls label + label
=> Select only the second label
There are many many way to select almost everything and keep specific targeting with good selector, learn more about this here .

Hope this will help you, and we remain at your disposal for any questions and to guide you.

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