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we are working on a new template and new website, and almost done, the question is how we can transfer all Hikashop Database and I mean by the settings, orders, customers, everything, including the plugins and details, Thanks

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You can go in the PHPMyAdmin provided by your hosting. There open the database of your old website and export all the tables with _hikashop_ in their names. If the table prefix is different between both Joomla websites, you need to edit that file with notepad and search & replace the prefix to use the new one. Then, import that file to the database of the new website (again with PHPMyadmin).
Then, you can install HikaShop on the new websit and it will find all the data from the HikaShop on the old website.
Note however:
- for the images and files, you need to manually transfer them via FTP from their upload folders (images/com_hikashop/upload and media/com_hikashop/upload/safe by default) to the same folders on the new website FTP.
- before doing all that, if your users have Joomla user accounts, you want to migrate the Joomla users with one of the numerous tools available for that: That way, when you import the data of HikaShop, it will be able to link the orders, addresses etc, with the corresponding Joomla user accounts.
- this method will keep your tax settings, shipping methods settings, payment methods settings, HikaShop configuration settings, etc. However, it won't migrate your menu item settings, your modules settings or your plugins settings as these are stored in Joomla's tables not HikaShop. There are extensions is this category of the JED which might help you:
vData for example seems promising but I've never used it personally.

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