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Hikashop Business for reseller discount structure for registered users and registration free ordering for visitors. 200x200 thumbnails with a 3 item per row category list with 4 item per row product module. Product show with related module.

Well, this site is where we learnt the ropes. Our first incarnation of our website was straight css/html built in an 8 year old version of dreamweaver and grew over the course of a year to about 83 pages. A friend helped us put the new site together and I pulled my hair our trying to get my head around Joomla. Once we had something we were fairly happy with I looked for something to provide an online catalogue. At first we installed virtuemart, but I quickly pulled more hair out and couldn't stand the structure.

I had just about given up when I came across Hikashop in the joomla extensions directory. We tried it out and were very happy. After some great help from Nicolas I decided we would upgrade to a commercial version just to say thanks for providing such an easy to use interface. When I thought about the capabilities the business version would give us, we decided to expand the products that went onto the site and set it up for our resellers to log in and place their orders complete with their discounted pricing.

I think the hardest part about the build was getting the shop to work effectively with our existing non-shop oriented template. We got it working OK as single column with a mini cart and we're very happy with it.

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