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Hello Again ,

I have been sitting on several Web-Based Idea's for many Years now and back then when I conceived them the technology was not entirely adequate.
now that we have advanced by leaps and bounds the technology exists and is readily available.

like most entrepreneurs I keep my idea's to myself at least the important aspects of them for reasons like others I guess , that someone more skilled could produce and steal our concepts... However , Iam not getting any younger and they say that for every idea conceived in one's mind , someone , somewhere has also thought of the exact same thing. - Meaning 'First in ,First Served'
Which brings me to inquire here , as good a place as any.. mainly because I find that the people here are very helpful and I feel that I can trust a lot of people / developers within this community.

Ok with all of that out the way.. let me get on with what is required , and if you think that you have a.) time , b.) energy and c.) the enthusiasm / knowledge required then the next step would be to PM me and take it from there.

Basically I have two separate projects that I believe would revolutionize several aspects of peoples lives and the internet.

Without actually giving the concepts away and leaking to much information about these concepts , I will try to Sell "The Idea" as follows.

Both Ideas Require the following knowledge.

  • CMS Systems
  • MOBILE/ANDROID/APPLE/TABLET Programming Experience
  • SOCIAL NETWORKING Implementation & Programming including API Development and Understanding
  • SERVER INFRASTRUCTURE & MAINTENANCE to facilitate in large quantities of traffic
  • OTHER *yet to be determined Probably Legal Services and Guru's

OK now looking at that list , It is obvious that I am looking for a Team of selected dedicated individuals to assist in bringing these concepts to fruition/reality.


Present Service to The International Market / Broken down into Countries/Cities.
Link Service into Facebook and other popular Social Networking Sites via Widgets
Allow Visitors to purchase for a fee (*Estimates only);
  • General Public (*$3) per service as required
  • Business use (*$20+) per service as required (Private/Public Service)with BAS Stats collection
  • Business Professional use (*$200+) multiple services contracted as required (Private/Public) with ADV Stats collection
  • Other..

Based on the number of Hits/Visits and collection of Data this Project should become a universal phenomenon.. it really is a huge project with huge potential , and is of shall I say a very political nature with emphasis on democracy.

Other Sources of income once project is underway will come from TXT/MOBILE Services.

Based on the number of hits here are some figures as to the possible outcome of this IDEA.

New Zealand Has <5 Million people currently , it is estimated that within the first year of releasing this concept a large chuck of that 5M will know about and have at least heard of this service. The service is such that it is FREE.. to view and maybe register but Authentication may cost a small fee.. $1.00 (gotta start somewhere) :)

anyone can view the listings but only authenticated users can progress to the next step in the process.

Once Authenticated , Users can then participate in the Services for a small fee each time they partake in any given service offered on the website. Lets say $0.20 - $1.00 Per Use online or $0.50 - $2.00 for Offline / Mobile use.

ok , lets say that 50% or 2.5M people view the website (This is where our Graphics team Make it look Fantastic) , (And our Ninja Coders make sure that it is Quick and responsive) and our Social Networking Experts have it linked to the most common networks for maximum exposure.

of this 2.5 million people 2 Million Register straight off the bat , and 1 million authenticate via Credit Card.
Congratulations we just made our first Million.

now , The registered users can utilize certain parts of the service for FREE.. but most other services cost .. of course a small fee (indicated Above)

Providing our users are happy with our services , Iam sure they will be , at least very passionate about them. Then The money rolls in from there.. Every time they click a button send a txt or 'do something on the website' it will cost a small Fee.. so insignificant in most cases that they will most likely top-up their accounts with money just to partake in future services.

now.. if that 1 Million Authenticated people each Spent $10.00 (easily) over the period of 30days (1 Month) then We Have made ?..

anyway.. thats IDEA 1.

so if you are even remotely interested in helping and/or know someone who has the experience knowledge / insight to help make this project manifest then don't hesitate to contact me via PM and we shall go from there.

in terms of payment , this project will be funded by at this point in time myself.. who might I add have not a lot of money in my pockets :\
however I believe that if this is done right , everyone who partakes will be graciously rewarded with not a fixed sum.. but a Percentage of Profits.. for the duration of the life-time of this project.. which just might be.. a very , very , very long time.

Great Residual Income for a few Months of your life..



ps: Idea 2.. I may discuss another time. Is probably bigger then Idea 1. in terms of Investment Returns and is a Global Commercial Project ;)

you Guys are Awesome and have excellent Support! Keep up the great Work!.
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