Cant access affiliate partners

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-- HikaShop version -- : latest
-- Joomla version -- : 3.2.4
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : chrome & firefox
-- Error-message(debug-mod must be tuned on) -- : 'xxxxxxxx_hikashop_sale_view' is not VIEW SQL=CREATE OR REPLACE VIEW xxxxx_hikashop_sale_view AS SELECT a.user_id, SUM(b.order_partner_price) AS sale_price FROM xxxx_hikashop_user AS a LEFT JOIN xxxx_hikashop_order AS b ON a.user_id=b.order_partner_id AND (CASE WHEN a.user_currency_id=0 THEN 6 ELSE a.user_currency_id END)=b.order_partner_currency_id WHERE a.user_partner_activated=1 AND b.order_partner_paid=0 AND b.order_type='sale' AND b.order_status IN ('confirmed','shipped') GROUP BY b.order_partner_id;

Hi there,

When I go to access the partners in the backend I get the error. I asked hosting and they said it wasn't a permissions problem. I have testd it in both Firefox and chrome and it doesn't work on both. Our developer who is in another country, has tested it and it works fine for her in both chrome and firefox.

Thanks :)

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This is usually a permission issue in the database which refuses the creation of the views necessary for the display of the listing.
Once the views are created in the database, the display will work, regardless of your browser or your location.
So if it works now for your developer on your website, then it should also work for you.
So I guess that either someone lifted the restriction, or added manually the views on your database.

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9 years 2 weeks ago #179255

Ah yes, my bad to copy/paste the wrong error after playing with the test DB. But strange enough I needed to delete the 'lead_view to get it all working. Wonder where that error / issue comes from.
The only difference between this and other sites is it running on MariaDB instead of MYSQLI.
Thanks for pointing me in the right direction.

1. was it part of an older bug? Any way to avoid this?
2. can views always be deleted and automatically recreated?
3. The DB checks doesn't include view checks?

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A view is a view, not a table.
You can delete the view without any problem, it will be re-created for the affiliate processing.

And the DB checks does not include view checks because the view are not HikaShop tables.
It is not related or managed to HikaShop but by the affiliate plugin. If the view does not exist it's not a problem for HikaShop and if the view does not exist, it's not a problem for the plugin which will create it for his temporally needs.


Jerome -
HikaMarket & HikaSerial developer / HikaShop core dev team.

Also helping the HikaShop support team when having some time or couldn't sleep.
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