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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.3.2
-- Joomla version -- : 3.3
-- PHP version -- : 5.4

Is there any functionality that I may be overlooking to approve affiliates? The scenario I'm looking for is:

1. User registers and selects "become a partner" during registration.
2. An email is sent to the administrator that a new user would like to become a partner.
3. Admin can then log in and approve this user as a partner. This is when the partner account is activated for the user.


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There is no functionality available in HikaShop in order to have that workflow.
It would require a custom hikashop plugin to be developed implementing the onBeforeUserCreate to check the partner value in the user object being created and if the user checked the checkbox, you can unset the parameter and send an email to the shop owner.

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Hmmm, reading this gets me thinking...

Instead of adding the checkboxes to the registration form, I would always prefer making it an extra menu item (type "Affiliate program"), because it takes some explanations for potential affiliates anyway, T&Cs, etc. But maybe that's just me, haha.

However, for what ssbuchan wants, and with chances being high that many users check the box - if they know what exactly it means and are serious about it or not - it appears to me that the following procedure might be appropriate:
1. Ok, add the checkbox to the registration form.
2. In the Joomla User Manager options, set
(a) "New User Account Activation" to "Admin", and
(b) "Notification Mail to Administrators" to "Yes".

ssbuchan's wish would almost exactly come true... with the only difference being that the Admin must not only approve partners but every new user. If that's a deal breaker, then sorry... but maybe someone else here can benefit from it?

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