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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.0

Good day,

Hikashop already has the pay with points system that allowes partial of full payment using points earned by making purchases on the website.
Is it possible to setup the affiliate system to rather than keep track of commission earned which then needs to be paid out, to have is setup that instead of commission the affiliate earns points which can then be used for purchases on our site.

We do training and most people who would be interested in the affiliate system we can offer are current students. Since they need to annually do training to maintain their license, we are hoping that by allowing them to earn points they could essentially use these as a "discount" against future training they do with us.

If possible we want the system to keep track of it rather than for us to need to constantly issue vouchers on affiliate earnings.

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That's a good point.
We'll look into adding this as an option in HikaShop.

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