Grouping Items Won. Quicker Order Creation

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hope I haven't missed any posts regarding this. We've had a few issues but Hika auction seems to be finally up and running.

One thing is apparent though and that is when a customer wins multiple items, multiple orders and therefore multiple invoices are created meaning the customer has to pay for each item individually. This just isn't practical at all.

Is there a way their purchases can be combined on one order? One of our customers won 10 or so items so to have to go through each one of these and pay them individually is just not an option and no doubt off putting. Clearly if you buy multiple items in Hikashop, you pay one invoice.

Another observation is that orders are not produced on the back office until a customer receives an email telling them they have won a lot. Again makes it difficult to manage having to rely on a customers actions.This then requires a customer to do this before you even get to see what they have won on the site. You can go through individual items to see who has bid on it but this is very time consuming. The issue we are having is that some mails have ended up in spam boxes so it delays the process.

It would be good if the order was created automatically so that if necessary it can be processed manually in the absense of a customers inaction

I do feel it would also be better to inform the customer of their win and simply send them an invoice with all lots combined, they don't need to complete an order as in effect by bidding they have already done this.

No critisisms, purely observations, I'm sure there are plenty of clever folk that can configure this for themselves, but I am not one of them :)

Hope someone can shed some light on this.

Thank you

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1. Grouping won auctions together for the payment is possible. I suppose it would be by creating a "pay all the remaining won auctions" button on the bids listing of the customer (accessible via his user control panel on the frontend or a menu item of the type HikaAuction bids). There's quite a bit of development to make it happen, but it sounds like a good idea.

2. Creating the order before any user interaction poses many problems. Supposes the user hasn't yet entered any address, or he has several addresses to choose from, or he moved since he entered his address on your website last year and he wants it shipped to the new address, or the shipping cost added to the bid requires the address of the user, or it changes based on the location, or you have custom order fields you want the user to fill.
Basically, it makes it inpractical to create the order before the user go through the checkout as HikaShop doesn't have the necessary information from the user to do it.
You're not talking about the HikaAuction>Auctions menu in the backend of HikaAuction, where you can see a list of the auctions, and filter with the status of the auction, sort by finished date, etc. From what you're saying it looks like it has the information you're looking for. Or am I missing something ?

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