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Hello there. I had a conflict with your jquery ui slider and other jQuery I've included, I solved it. That was a weird behaviour based on the position of the embedd code.
But for now I wanted to implement new feature - carousel in the Featured Products. And was shown this conflict:

I tried many combinations of the libraries arrangements (I got 2 of them, yours jquery-min.js and jquery-18.js which is used for the fixing the left sidebar after reaching a particular point).
I've tried many combinations, their embedding position, but only achieved one of them working - either Carousel or Waypoints. I guess something wrong with your jquery library...

Here's the variants I tried.
1) Removing the jquery18.min.js (in this one the Waypoints dont work)
2) Removing the jquery-1.8.3.js (the UI slider does not appear and the Waypoints dont work)
3) Removing the jquery.min.js (your file, in this case carousel dont work)

and also different combinations of embedding - still same result.

Maybe I'm missing something, could you please look at the code and say me what do I have to do to make both sidebar left and the Carousel working
URL: dstest.atservers.net/

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The best way is to use the component "jquery easy".
Because if you include several times jquery and the inclusion does not handle "multiple instance" like HikaShop does, it will break all the javascript and previously loaded jquery modules.


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