Carousel doesn't load images on certain occasion

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-- HikaShop version -- : 2.5.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.4.3

I have quite serious problem with Hikashop content module, which you can see with title "TOP AKCIE" on my customer's website - sometimes it just doesn't load the images of the products.
I am able to reproduce the bug by:
-visit the web with no browser data from this website - module works correctly
-navigate to the Blog part of the site ( )
-navigate back to the home (either by clicking the logo in upper left corner, the "Uvod" in menu or typing just in browser's address bar) - there are no images in the module, so it looks broken

It seems to me, that there is some kind of conflict with the content module of the same name in the Blog, but I have no idea what might be the core of problem and how to fix it or go around it.

This behaviour was confirmed in Firefox, Chrome and Rekonq browsers. The settings of both modules you can find attached.

Thanks for any kind of advice


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If you look at the HTML of an element of that module when the image doesn't display, you can see that the HTML code displaying the image of the product has been commented out:
That comes from a customization of the view file.
So it doesn't come from a setting but for the way you (or your Joomla template) customized the view file (probably the "listing_img_title" file of the product view).

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