checkout - logic error? and "Proceed to Checkout" button stays

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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.2.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.3
-- PHP version -- : 7.0

Hello -

In testing the new checkout (rather than legacy) I have discovered 2 issues -

If I delete a product while on the payment page (stripe) it disappears but if I then submit the payment the order is completed and the product is ordered. If I delete the product on any previous page (login, terms) then I get "cart empty" which is what I expect. The cart should proceed to "cart empty" and end the order even if I am on the payment page.

I display the Hikashop cart on my order pages and have the "Proceed to checkout" button displayed. However this button is always displayed during my checkout process and if selected (again) will always bring me to "Terms" which is my second step. The cart should not display the "Proceed" button once the customer is in the cart.

Otherwise the new cart seems to be working, at least on my localhost.

Also if I select the Stripe plugin, update it, then "save and close" and open the plugin menu again, it is not "checked in". It seems that there is another save or close button that is missing. If I click on the "lock" button then all is well.

Thanks, pitney

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The situation you're describing is normal.
The order is created the moment you click on the "finish" button of the checkout. After that, you can change whatever you want on the products in the order, it won't reflect in the order.
As an analogy to the real world, the finish button is the moment the last product goes through the cashier, before you give your credit card.
At that point, even if the remaining stock of products in the shop is removed from the shelves, or if the price of the products in the shelves change, it won't reflect on your bill.

Also, on a technical point of view, when you click on finish, HikaShop creates the order and send the data of the order to Stripe so that Stripe can display the payment page. If you change the order in the mean time, then the payment will still be processed by Stripe with the old amount and it won't match what's in the order.

The only solution to that is to have the pay occur just before the order is created. That is possible with some payment gateways like PayPal Pro, in AIM mode, etc. In these cases, the credit card form is actually displayed during the checkout, and when you click on finish, HikaShop pre generate the order, asks for the payment to be processed with the credit card information it got from the customer, and just after that create the order in the database.
But the Stripe API we're using doesn't support that.

Regarding the cart module displaying the proceed to checkout button on the checkout, usually, what you do is that you remove the cart module from the checkout and use instead the "cart" block of the "checkout workflow", or you configure another cart module without the proceed to checkout button display option turned on so that it display on the checkout instead of the other cart module.

Regarding the locking of plugins options when you edit them in Joomla, HikaShop is not involved and you should have the same behavior regardless of the plugin you're editing.

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