Registration customization and decoupling from login - a module as a new option

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.10.11
-- PHP version -- : 7.4

Hi, currently in the definition of the checkout process, when the login module is added as a step, automatically the Hika registration form is added, but many sites (like mine) have custom registration form, for example if a CCK is used (Seblod, Flexicontent and so on) so instead of the Hika registration, the user should be directed to the specific registration form of the site.
Currently this is possible only by overriding the checkout/show_block_login.php but it would be very convenient if there was a configuration option in the login step of the checkout process to select a Joomla module instead of the Hika registration. Since it must work also in a multilingual shop, one option might be to specify the module position (so that multiple modules can be assigned to that position depending on the language) to be used instead of the module id that cannot be a single value.
So in the

just a
<?php echo JHtml::_('content.prepare', '{loadposition <position>}'); ?>
line would do what needed, making the registration step much more flexible.
Can it be added in the next update?
thanks a lot!


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This is not possible. Any module with a form tag in it wouldn't work properly.
Also, the position of the tag needs to be added the XML of the template. It's the job of the template, and components are not supposed to add extra positions in there. Also, different templates will have different positions available so we can't choose one name used by some as it won't be used by others.

I agree with you that it would be great to have a simpler solution here.
Maybe we could have an extra option in the "login" block of the checkout workflow which would be a text area with the label "override registration with custom HTML" so that the merchant could enter directly the HTML he wants to be added instead of the registration form, or a translation key which would then contain the HTML in the translation override (basically something similar to the "Text" block of the checkout workflow, but to replace the registration form.
What do you think ?

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1 week 3 days ago #346930

Hi Nicolas, yes, the translation key overriding the Hika registration form is a good idea, so that it works in a multilanguage shop. Also the green "Continue" button (together with the form) must be skipped when the override is used.
Thanks! Waiting for seeing it live ;)


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