Adding Product With Variants Not Working

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I'm trying to set-up a product where the user can choose options and add it to cart. But I'm running into a few issues. I would like to list bracelets that the user can choose from and charms that they can select for that bracelet.

1) The variants in the backend seems to merge the bracelet and the charms list that I created. I wanted a list of bracelets and a list of charms. But when I add them please see attached how it looks.
- Bracelets are supposed to be $50
- Charms are supposed to be $5

I added the charms first then the bracelets - but the charms all seemed to disappear. I thought I would have a list of the charms and a list of the bracelets.

2) The other issue is how will the user see the photo of each item they are selecting. I'm not seeing the correct item when I click on the button.

3) When I click on a charm and then on a bracelet, then add them to the cart, it is only adding of of them not both.

I'm sorry I read the documentation but I'm still confused - it doesn't add any clarity to what I'm trying to do. Can you give me an idea as to how to get this accomplished.

Thank you!


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You have two characteristics. These allow you to generate variations of your main product, one variant per combination of the values of both characteristics.
So it's not about adding both selected values in the cart, but rather about adding to the cart the currently selected variant.
Now I suppose that you set names which are wrong in your variants, and thus you think that you add only "one value" but that's not possible as it's the whole variant which is added to the cart.
So fro example, if you select "Snap Button Bracelet - Blue" and then "Jamaica" and then click on the add to cart button, you're adding the variant for both of these values. And what you see in the cart is the product name that you set in that variant.
Also, it's similar for the image being displayed. If you want to display both a flag and an image of a strap, you need to add both images in each variants, since each variant is a combination of both values selected for the variant.

I hope this will help you understand better the situation and what you need to do.

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