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We would like our customers to be able to register/purchase a subscription in the store to CB Subs ( community builder paid subscriptions).

Here is what the developer said:

If Hikashop has Joomla events for when a specific product is purchased I suppose you could use CB Auto Actions to give them a subscription. You'd need to check with Hikashop regarding such events.

CBSubs requires registration as the subscription is tied to the user. If it creates a user after purchase process then answer would be same as the above where you need Joomla events in Hikashop for CB Auto Actions to act on. If it doesn't create a user then you won't be able to do this. \

I can force people to create an account to shop, so i think that would work, but what "events" do we need to access to have Hika update CB with our actions?

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I suppose they'll want to implement the events onAfterOrderCreate(&$order) and onAfterOrderUpdate(&$order) so that they can check the status of the order in $order->order_status (and for the update, compare it to the previous order_status in $order->old->order_status) so that when the order status is equal to "confirmed" they would create / extend the subscription in CB Subs.

That's basically what HikaSerial Subscription does to handle subscriptions:

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