Integrating with a 3rd party website

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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.2.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.1
-- PHP version -- : 7.1.8


We posted a question a couple of weeks ago about integrating with a dropshipping store Gooten ( ) and are considering developing a plugin to get the products from the Gooten site and put them into Hikashop

Our question is what is the best way to handle this in regards to creating a plugin for Hikashop?

Should we import products manually and then just use the plugin to send orders to the Gooten website or pull the information and create a new product via the plugin aswell.
In extension of that, what would be the best way to determine which products are from a 3rd party? We will be uploading our own products in addition to having products from this dropshipping website so we need to determine which products are from them as to only send the order information to Gooten about the products they provide.

This is the first time I have used an API and getting different systems to talk to eachother so I am trying to get an accurate idea of how to tackle it. If there's any other feedback someone could give it would be greatly appreciated.


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Hi there - If you need assistance in developing an API integration and custom plugins for HikaShop on your own, my company Polished Geek can provide expert consulting services with one of our PHP developers. We've been HikaShop authorized partners from the very early days and specialize in eCommerce custom development and digital marketing services.

Rather than hire out the entire development to a professional development company (which means you never learn how to do it yourself), we can assist you on a consulting-only basis.

Having someone available when you get stuck, need code reviews, or just want to bounce ideas off an experienced HikaShop developer in a 1:1 conversation live can make a huge difference in how rapidly you learn and complete your first custom API project. It is also an investment in your future for later projects, maintenance of your API integration when Joomla and/or HikaShop are upgraded, etc.

If you would like to chat about how our consulting-only services work (and get a personal introduction to our lead solution architect), give me (Deb) a call at +1-919-275-0676 or contact us through our website at

Wishing you much success with your project!
~ Deb Cinkus

~ Deb Cinkus, CEO

Polished Geek: more with monday․com
eCommerce Business Process Automation Experts
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It depends what gooten proposes.
Supposing that they provide a CSV or a XML of all the products they dropship, you can have it imported into HikaShop automatically periodically.
If it's CSV, you might actually be able to do it with the CSV auto import plugin of HikaShop:
Otherwise, I would recommend developing an import plugin based on that existing CSV import plugin.
That way, you would have your plugin periodically called, and you could then retrieve the data you want from your dropship plateform and import the products in HikaShop with MySQL INSERT/UPDATE/REPLACE queries.
If you want to distinguish the products, you could simply create a custom product field via the menu Display>Custom fields. Set it to a particular value for your products and leave it empty for the products imported from Gooten.

Regarding the orders data sending to Gooten, you can develop a second plugin (or add it in that first plugin if you want) and implement the onAfterOrderUpdate trigger of our API:
In it, check that the $order->order_status is set to confirmed and the $order->old->order_status is set to created and you'll know that the order is being confirmed.
Then, check the products of the order (you might have to use the loadFullOrder function to load the data of the products from the database, or your own MySQL query), and format the data of the products that you want to send to Gooten and send it to their web service.

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Thanks nicolas for the detailed reply. It might be better just to pull all the product information via their API. I'll give something a go!

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