Prevent product from being displayed in categories it's not published in

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.0.1


Hikashop allow a product to be displayed in all categories, even if the product is not published in more than one category.
I would like to prevent this, so I'm looking to modify the product/show_default.php file.

I can get an array of the categories, the product belong to with this code:

$productClass = hikashop_get('class.product');
$categories = $productClass->getCategories($this->element->product_id);

My problem is finding the category that I'm currently "in". The best way I could come up with, is access the active menu items hikashop parameters, like this:

// Using current menu item to find current hika category params
$app 			= JFactory::getApplication();
$currentMenuItem 	= $app->getMenu()->getActive();
$params 		= $currentMenuItem->params;
$currentCategory	= $params->get('hk_category')->category;

// Check if product is published in current hika category
$productClass = hikashop_get('class.product');
// $displayProduct now contains a boolean value we can test with
$displayProduct = array_key_exists($currentCategory, $this->categories);

Can you see a better way to solve this ??


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Another to do it could be to directly look at the URL and its parameters in $_SERVER
There you'll have the alias of the category somewhere and you should be able to extract it and then load the category id based on that alias with a MySQL query to the hikashop_category table.
But your solution is better as far as I can see.

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