Discount is showing up on every single product

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I've nothing found about this general problem and I'm sorry if I have not seen it by now.

I would like to set one discount to product X and another discount to product Y and so on. Now my problem is, that the first discount is showing up on EVERY product on the page, despite I set it only to a specific product. How can I make it, that the first discount is only available on product X and the second discount on product Y and so on?

I don't know, if this only works with a paid version (ex. Essential) or if it's also working with the free version of Hikashop?

I made some attachments to show you my problem. This two are both with the same products (we are making a redesign) one from the old website how it should be displayed and the other from the new one with the problem. I also attached the discount settings and digital label settings, may be there is something that I made wrong?

I also would like to know, how I can change the layout for these three prices, I haven't found the correct file yet and my PHP skills aren't good enough, but that would be another topic.

Thank you very much for your help!

PS: The text on the screenshots are in German, if you have any question about "what should that be" - just ask!


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1. The restriction options of discounts/coupons are only available with the Essential and Business editions. So with the Starter edition, you cannot restrict a coupon/discount to a product.
Looking at your screenshots, you configure a badge to be restricted only to a product and only if that discount applies. But that doesn't mean that the discount is restricted to the product selected in that badge.

2. Knowing which view file is used for which area is really easy. You can just activate the "Display view files" setting of the HikaShop configuration and look at the page where you want to change something. You'll see that the view file used to display the prices is the view file product/listing_price.php which you can then edit via the menu Display>Views.

PS: It would indeed be better to do your screenshots while logged in English. This time I was able to easily make do with the German text, but sometimes it can be tricky as we don't speak German.

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Hello Nicolas,

Thank you very much for your reply!

I will try it out with the Essential version of HikaShop.

Yeah, I found the product/listing_price.php file, but there's so much PHP code that confuses me a bit, and I just want to change the order of the prices that are showing and make an br-tag, so that they are among each other, but I have to take a closer look at that.

For the next time, I will change the language for the backend, thanks! (:

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