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I have created a Report to see the utilization of the coupon codes we have generated and used by the customers while purchasing the products.
I have exported the Excel file but the information in it is not in proper format. File attached for your review.

We need to generate the Excel report by showing following columns:
Coupan code utilized(Code)
Order no
Value of code(discount given)
Coupan applied on Product(name)

Please help with this.


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Besides the "coupan applied on product(name)" column, the rest is possible by creating a mass action of the type "order" via the menu System>Mass actions with an action "export CSV file" with the columns order_created order_discount_code order_number and order_discount_price
Having the product name on which the coupon was based (supposing that you only have one product with a coupon in each order) would require some custom coding by a developer.

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