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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.4.3
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.28

I try to use the tags on the product page, so when I click on any of the tags, I'm redirected to

and there are visible only the titles of my products.
I was wondering if there is any possibility to make that page to look like a normal page of hikashop, which is displaying a list of products.
Any suggestion?

Thank you!


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Well, that page is a joomla page. So if you want to customize it, you need to do a view override of the view file of com_tags responsible for it and customize it for what you want it to look like.
Now, as the image information, price information, add to cart code, etc is not available there, it would require quite a lot of work, for a developer to do that, but it's not impossible.
A simpler solution would be to not use the tags system of Joomla. You could create a custom field of the table "product" and of the type "multiple dropdown" via the menu Display>Custom fields so that you could select values (tags) in that custom field in each product.
Then, you could create a filter in the menu Display>Filters applying on that custom field and configure a products listing menu item displaying all your products with that filter displayed at the top via the Joomla menu manager.
Finally, you could get the URL of the page for each value (tag) selected in the filter, and change the "title" of the value in the settings of the custom field to add a link HTML tag around the text of the tag with that URL so that the selected values displayed by the custom field on the product details page on the frontend would be clickable and direct to the menu item with the filter pre selected to the corresponding value.
While that require a bit of tinkering, it's way easier than modifying the tags view file to make it look like a normal products listing.

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