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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.3.0

my site sells online services; for example a service is the right to use a pre-built questionnaire, send it to participants invited so they can fill it and then look at the results.
I am interested to buy hikasubscription to manage different subscriptions that may for example give different features for the questionnaire (e.g. number of participants who can be invited...); of course I will have to do some custom developments that mange the rights based on the id of the plan.
I have a few questions :
1/ can we have several subscription plans (e.g. from basic to full giving more and more options on the questionnaire) for which the subscriber can select one of the plan from the list
2/ then, if he wants to 'upgrade', is there an automatic calculation of the price difference (e.g. prorata of the remaining period for the initial plan) so that he pays only the difference, and not a completely new fee?
3/ and if he upgrades, is the initial plan 'replaced' by the new one; in other words, i want to ensure that the two subscriptions don't coexist
4/ is it possible to have a subscription with a 'fixed price' plus a 'price per user': what i want to do is use subscriptions that authorize the buyer to create an 'account' on which he invites other people to be able to administrate the questionnaire; so for example he would pay a subscription of 100€ per month, plus 10€ per 'administrator'

by the way I could not find this type of information on your commercial documentation; maybe you may update it by including it?
kind regards

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1 - Yes, HikaSubscription allows you to create several plans. Since the system is based on HikaShop products for the sales, you can make the listing you want to let the customer select what he wants.

2 - HikaSubscription do handle upgrades but with the extension of the duration, not with a discount.
Afterwards, you can see to have different products which can extend more or less the duration of the subscription with the upgrade. There are still possibilities but the component do not interact (yet) with the HikaShop product prices.

3 - The upgrade do an upgrade of the subscription. So the subscription remains but is for another plan.
By definition, a customer can have several subscriptions but thanks to the plugin/event system (or with ACL and product limitation), you can forbidden the customer to buy other subscriptions.

4 - There is no such kind of feature but because it is based on HikaShop products, you can use the HikaShop feature to extend the price. Like "product option" or "custom field" + custom plugin.
Afterwards, for the creation of the administrators, it would require custom development.


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