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-- url of the page with the problem -- :
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1. I'm trying to set up a google merchant account which I already did and have an excel to fill in. When I was looking into hikashop it says there is a way to download via xml. Is there any step by step of how to do this? This is the link I don't understand:

2. From my products where it says I can export, I click the link but it won't let me export. It won't do anything? I used to be able to download all my products to excel.


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1. You need to go in the Joomla plugins manager and search for the HikaShop google products plugin. Edit it and configure it accordingly to its tooltips. You'll have to trigger link at the bottom of the settings to get a XML file you can import into google merchant.

2. Yes, you can just click on the "export" button of the products listing to get a CSV file of all your product data. I'm not sure why it wouldn't do anything when you click on it. You should at least get an error message normally if it doesn't work.
In most cases however, it doesn't work because there are too many products and not enough memory available to load them all from the database and thus it requires increasing the memory_limit of your php.ini. But since you don't get the error message it might be something else.

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