Importing products to categories with the same name

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.0.2
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.3
-- PHP version -- : 7.2.15
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Chrome 72


I've got an import (which I created myself) which imports a bunch of products. In the category structure there are 4 subcategories divided amongst other categories called "Bracelets". I need some products to be in two of the Bracelets-categories. The problem is; how do I specify the correct 2 Bracelet-categories? At the moment, Hikashop takes the first two it can find, but the product needs, for example, the third one.

I'm aware of the parent_category field in which I can specify the parent category, but that's for, as far as I know, a single parent category while I need to specify a parent for at least two categories.

Is it possible to use the alias for the categories as those are unique or is there another solution I'm not aware of?

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You can't use the alias, however, you can use the categories id.
That way, you don't need to use the parent_category column to distinguish between different categories with the same name.

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