How to upload CSV for variation?

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-- Joomla version -- : 3

Hello, below i copy your explanation to how to add variation with CSV file.

i manage to upload only the "MAIN" product (parent product).
can you please upload sample CSV file for how to upload variation?

i could not understand from your file how to upload variation.
do you i create extra column in the product file?
i have experience and access to DB.

please upload sample file it will help a lot

You first need to create the characteristic and the possible values via the menu Products>Characteristics of your website before importing the CSV and of course the name of the column and the values you put in the CSV for it must correspond to the name of the characteristic (or its alias) and its values. If you were using a characteristic called 'color' you might setup the values red, blue, yellow and green, even though you won't apply all of them to every product. But they must exist if you are going to use them ever in the import.

For example, suppose that you have a product with 1 characteristic being the size and two variants:





The price_value column here is optional, it is added as an example so that you can see that you can add data to any column of the CSV and it will be added to each variant so that the data displayed/used on the product when you select something in a characteristic will update based on what you select. That way, the default price of the "main_product" product will be 15 and if you change the size selection to small, the price will be 10.

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You can use the "export" button of the products listing on your website. That will give you a CSV file with the first lines being for regenerating your categories tree, and then the products and variants data. So you can study the CSV file with excel.
The text :

is actually the content of the CSV file.
Each column is separated by a comma. And on the first line, you have the name of the columns.
If you save that text in an empty txt file and rename it to mycsv.csv you can then open it with Excel (or even better, LibreOffice's Calc) and you'll see the columns and the rows.

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