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Hello team!
I Have 3 groups with different prices for my products.
I need to export every day the new prices from my software that will give me a csv and import this csv to hikashop.
Can you please give me the colums to do that?
I suppose its
XXCODEXX,1.23, ,12, 50

Please check above the price access. In the db the data is ,12, with commas.
1. Do I need to have commas.
2. Is it correct
3. The quantity will copy the value or sum? I hope copy.

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1. The commas are necessary.
2. No. you need to add double quotes around the price_access to delimit the value or it will think that the commas of the price_access add columns to the row. Note however that this is only true if you open the CSV with notepad (and thus you see the commas from the columns separation). With an editor, like libreoffice calc or microsoft calc, it will add the double quotes automatically around each cell when you save the CSV file so you don't need to bother with that.
3. The quantity will copy.
4. Note also that if you want to have three prices for your products, you can't have three rows per product in your CSV. You want only one row for the product. But then, in the price_access and price_value columns, you want to separate each price by a |
So for example:
will add a price with the value 1.23 for the user group with the id 12 and a price with the value 1.10 for the user group with the id 10

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