Will it be possible to create cutom fields importing a CSV?

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2 weeks 5 days ago #360053

-- url of the page with the problem -- : www.tradesell.it
-- HikaShop version -- : 5.0.3
-- Joomla version -- : 4.4.3
-- PHP version -- : 8.2
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Chrome 122.0.6261.131

in our eCommerce we have a large catalog with several thousands articles and we import CSV with technical data from IceCat and there are hundreds of different attributes and we already created many many custom fields for products.
Every new CSV there are new categories, sometime they change name, sometime there are new one and it is very time consuming to create all these custom fileds.
So the question, is there a possibility to create automatically the custom fields importing the CSV, something like creating new categories during import.
Or if there is some third part company that developed a plugin with this functionality, something like RO CSVI.
Thank you very much

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2 weeks 4 days ago #360054


The CSV import system in HikaShop doesn't support the creation of custom fields on the fly. If you develop a small plugin to override the import helper and override the _autoDetectHeader method, it's possible:

I don't know if RO CSVI has that capability.
I don't know any other import system for HikaShop besides these two.

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