Hover over tooltips in backend needed. Suggested improvement

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Hi having used hikashop on a few projects I find myself having to look settings up all the time and referring to the forum to find out how to do relatively simple things.
I think if the developers used hover over tooltips on the backend hikashop settings it would cut down massively on their forum work and make the lives of us the users much simpler. I'm sure the developers are frustrated at having to repeat answers to the same questions which inevitably come up.
E.g I'm setting up a filter and cant for the life of me remember what "dynamic display" did so there i have to google it and scroll through loads of forum posts / documentation to find out what it meant again. A simple tooltip would save an inevitable forum post and speed my dev time up.
Pretty please implement this on all hikashop options

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Thank you for your feedback. We actually started that work and already added tooltips for all the settings in the HikaShop configuration.
Note that when you have a question for some option in a screen of the backend, you don't have to search. Just click on the "help" button at the top and you'll get the help relative to the area you're on and it should explain each option of the page.

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