How to override date formate for invoices generate by invoice plugin?

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3 months 3 weeks ago #308218

I want to override date format from 2019-04-29 to 29-04-2019 ( )
in all invoices generated

I have already overridden all the other texts for the english language file so that when I update the component the overrides are still there

but I don't understand how to do this for the date format

I am using the hikashop_attachinvoice plugin to generate the invoices, not sure if this is related...

all I see in the invoice.php file is (I have overriden the original file already to apply other changes)

					if(!empty($this->element->order_invoice_created)) {
						echo JText::_('DATE').': '.hikashop_getDate($this->element->order_invoice_created,'%d %B %Y');
						echo JText::_('DATE').': '.hikashop_getDate($this->element->order_created,'%d %B %Y');

I think the invoice date format 2019-04-29 may be coming from elsewhere, but I can't find any language strings with a date format in Hikashop language file

Thank you

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3 months 3 weeks ago #308219


You can just use a translation override to change the format of the dates:
This translation key is on line 2213 of the translation file.
That way, you won't have any issue with updates.

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