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-- HikaShop version -- : 3.5.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.14
-- PHP version -- : 7.0.33
-- Error-message(debug-mod must be tuned on) -- : none


buyers are reporting problems during checkout with PAYPAL. unfortunately its not clear what the problem is. What is clear is that they can't check out using PAYPAL. This issue is random, no errors that we know of. I am having problems with this because every time we test it PayPal is working. So i need help on what to check maybe errors that i can look at or logs.

i am receiving the following emails

1. A new order has been created on your website. You can access the order details directly by clicking on the link below after logging in your back end:
how do i enable this email for super admins only because it is for administrators only?

2.Your order No. H4U1U35 is now created at website. I am getting this email but i am not receiving the confirmed email. This is the reason why we know there is PayPal problem. Client will tell us they bought using a different online store because of the PayPal problem.
I know this is vague but can you give me a guideline on setting up PAYPAL? may be i have a misconfiguration.

3. Can you give me a guideline on what to do or check or test to make sure everything is done correctly on my side?

4. do you have another thread that can assist me on how to trouble shoot clients side. Maybe check phone version, phone brand and others

5. another issue for paypal is that when they reach the PayPal page and decided to cancel the cart gets empty. how do i retain the cart contents?


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1. This email should only be sent to super users (in fact, only to the email addresses you entered in the "admin notification email address" setting of the HikaShop configuration).
However, there was a bug with some payment methods in the past regarding that. So maybe it's related to this as you apparently have an old version of HikaShop. Updating might be the way to go here.

2. I'm not sure which emails you're talking about here. The admin is not supposed to get the "order creation notification" nor the "order status notification" which are both sent to the customer.
Are you saying that your customer is getting one and not the other ? Or you ? Or are you talking about the "order admin notification" (sent to the admin when the order is created) and the "payment notification" (sent to the admin when the order is confirmed) ?
Are the orders with that issue confirmed properly ? Do you see the emails in the Customers>Emails history menu which logs all the emails sent by HikaShop ?

3. and 4. I would recommend to check what I mentioned above :)

5. Check the "Clean cart when order is" setting in the HikaShop configuration and make sure it's set to "confirmed". If it's set to "created", then that would explain the issue as in that case, the cart is cleared before the customer is redirected to PayPal, so if you come back to the website before paying, the cart is already not there anymore.

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