Custom field values revert to default value in backend listing

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2 weeks 3 days ago #322309

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.3.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.19

I have imported my products with custom field values e.g
stoveoutputkw, stovebrand, stovefluesize, stoveoutlet, priceindictor,
5, Mendip, 125mm, Top & Back, €,

The data is imported correctly and on the frontend all the values show correctly.

However on opening the product in the backend the values for stovefluesize and stoveoutlet revert to the default values of "200mm" and "N/A" so when the client clicks save the product the data becomes incorrect.

The values for the custom fields stovefluesize and stoveoutlet in Table: cre_hikashop_product also are correct.
The other custom fields are setup identically and there is no issues with these - any ideas on why these particular custom fields are reverting to default values in the product backend listing?
Also the filters for stovefluesize on the frontend is blank despite having values entered for every product.

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That's because the system doesn't find the value of the custom field of that product in the database, in the list of possible values you configured in the custom field.
Note that for each value entry in your custom field, you have two inputs, the "value" input and the "title" input.
The "value" input is what's stored in the database and the "title" input is what's displayed in the dropdown.
So if "200mm" is set as the title of the value but you have "200" in it "value" input, then in your CSV, you need to have "200" and not "200mm" in the cell.

Note also that if you have special characters in the "value" input, they will be stored as HTML entities in the database. So you might have to change the value in the CSV to use HTML entities or change the value in the custom field and the CSV to not have special characters.

Now I can't say precisely what is the problem. I would need a screenshot of the settings of the custom field and a copy of the CSV to be able to say what to do exactly, but it's along the lines I described above.

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