Integrations possible with ADAMO?

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Hi There!
A customer of ours is asking us if it's possible to make Hikashop work at some level (to be defined) of collaboration with an Italian MIS ((Business) Management Information System) named Adamo.

Being Adamo an italian product, I suppose that very few people have ever heard of it before, but I woud like to know whether anybody may consider to develop an integration.

We could implement this integration on our own, but of course, would HikaShop's authors ever decide to integrate Adamo, their solution would indeed be better and cheaper!

Here are two links that describe Adamo and it's API's:

I firmly believe that Adamo is a "very good" kind of SW because it's authors are engineers from a startup in I3P.
I3P is the incubator of Politecnico di Torino ( ).
I3P is very selective in admitting new startups to its services and facilities.

Personally I ignore how much business and clients Adamo has but they are in business since 2014, so I may believe they are doing quite well.
Please let us know any advice about any will to implement this integration.
Thank you very much!

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We can eventually add it on our TODO list, but if you need the help of a professional developer to quickly develop it, you can check our partners section :

Else if you want to develop it, checking our developer documentation will probably help you :

Kind regards,
Mohamed Thelji.

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