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-- url of the page with the problem -- :
-- HikaShop version -- : 4.2.2

I've buy , but I see that there is a bug; if there is two cart module in the same page one cart not view. You can check this on the home page of the site, and on the shop page.

Another things, I would like to show cart with count of items even when is 0; how can I edit the cart_design_view.php flie?


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Thanks for your return, this able us to fix this in our package.
Now on your side to solve your issue, follow me step by step :
1. Open your file cart_design.php in your website , in the folder

2. At the end of the file, around line 55, you can see this :
require_once(dirname(__FILE__) . '/cart_design_view.php');
3. remove "_one" to get this :
require(dirname(__FILE__) . '/cart_design_view.php');

For your second point :
1. Go in your cart module configuration page.
2. In HikaShop Options tab, go in Data Display part
3. Find the "Hide if empty" option, and switch it on "Custom"
4. And use the input to add this :
<p class="hikashop_small_cart_checkout_link"><span class="hikashop_small_cart_total_title fa-layers fa-fw shopping-cart"><i class="fas fa-shopping-cart"></i></span><span class="hikashop_cart_quantity">0</span></p>

As, you can see the point is to reproduce, the html structure but with your wanted quantity on 0.

Thanks for your return that allow us to improve our plugin.

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