Rewardify User Point's integration

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-- HikaShop version -- : 5.0.2
-- Joomla version -- : 4.4.2 & 5
-- PHP version -- : 8.1.26
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Chrome

Hi guys,
Shondalai has released the new Rewardify Extension, that right now it represent the unique Joomla User Points live extension management:

I spoke with Maverick, the Developer, and he is happy to integrate HikaShop.

Are the User Point's custom field plugins triggered Events up to date ? (Also the Hika<arket, HikaSerial ones, I add an image for you). To trigger the same Events can be the right solution as start point integration ?
Please, we need your tips and tricks instructions/suggestions to trigger events in the right way.

The Alter-Ego User Point's integration is to integrate Rewardify also into User Point's payment method, Right ?
Please, What are the steps for a right integration?

As always, Thank you in advance for your attention and collaboration :)

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Thank you for your feedback.
That's a good idea.
The page covers the necessary information for us to integrate it in our user points system.
There are some missing details. If the developer could add them to the documentation, I think it would be great:
- For the rule_name, it mentions "mysection", "myactivity1". Does that mean we can put whatever we want ? I suppose yes.
- For the "group_name, I don't know what it is used for, so I'm not sure what I should put in there. Can I put "order" for points added by HikaShop ?
- In the assign function, is the "userid" the same as the Joomla user id ? Or it needs to be retrieved with a call to getUserProfile() ? And if so, I suppose the user id is in an "id" attribute of the returned object, is that correct ?

The main issue I have with this is that I don't see a way to provide a dynamic amount of points when assigning points.
For example, with AlphaUserPoints / AltaUserPoints I would do:
AlphaUserPointsHelper::newpoints('plgaup_orderValidation', $aupid, '', $data, $points);
And $points could be positive or negative.
I think a good solution would be to be able to override the amount of points with an extra parameter to the array passed to the assign function.
Without that capability, it will be difficult making the integration in the existing points system in HikaShop.
With it, it will be easy to add the integration on our end.

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1 week 3 days ago #358984

Hi Nicolas,
Thank You very much for your answer. I informed Maverick, the developer of Rewardify, about this discussion and invited him to participate here...

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