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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.0.3


The issue is that it somehow needs to be notified to the admin when a customer reaches checkout without a shipping method that matches their order.

Option 1 - the created email status can be invoked and created emails sent to admin and user sooner than pressing the finish button. Therefore admin will know order details of orders that don't have a valid shipping method. OR the created status can be triggered when there is no shipping methods found.

Option 2 - carts that are abandoned by users that have singed up or logged in be emailed to the admin so that the admin can processes.

Option 3 - There is a catch all shipping method that only shows when there are no matching methods - this option will still not allow checkout but send email to the admin so that the order can be processed.

Anything like that exist or happy for suggestions.

Many thanks.

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What you could use for that problematic is the "reminder" plugin:
You can configure it to send an email to the customer after X days after a cart has not been touched by the customer and an order has not been created by the customer in the mean time.
Once you have that setup, you can edit the cart notification email via the menu System>Emails and enter your email address in the BCC field in order to receive a copy of the email.
And if you want to replace the email address so that it sends the email to you only, you can add such code in the email preload:
$data->user->user_email = "This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.";

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