Order mysteriously dissapears from HikaShop backend

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-- url of the page with the problem -- : www.paardenmestonderzoek.com/administrat...sk=latest&code=nl-NL
-- HikaShop version -- : HikaShop Business 4.2.2 [1910211208]
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.14

Hi all,

this morning I experienced a very unusual thing, that has never happend in my webshop in the last 4 years.

-A customer places an order
-Chooses to pay via our PSP
-Completes the payment via the PSP
-Order is confirmed
-I receive a notification the order is placed and the payment is done

So, I go to the back-end of the shop and check all the orders. This particular order is nowhere to be found. So, I check my PSP and see that the order was actually payed.

As a test I place an order on my website and this works fine. Order shows up in the list of orders in the backend.
But the strange thing is, the ID it gets, is identical to the ID of the order the customer placed this morning. And the order number my order got, was in logical order with the previous registered order. This should not be the case, because between my order and that order, this specific order was placed.
I checked the Emailhistory of mails the webshop sent to customers. No mail to the customer was sent.

So, an order was placed, but somehow it mysteriously dissapeared from the backend of my Hikashop.

Anyone know what can cause this issue?

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I see two potential cause:
1. The order was simply deleted.
2. You're using a payment method which validate the payment just before the order is created in the database.
In that case, the payment plugin sends to the PSP the next order_id that will be affected once the order is created, validates the payment and let the system finish the creation of the order.
However, if you have another plugin which triggers on the same "onBeforeOrderCreate" trigger after the payment plugin, then it's possible that the plugin would cancel the creation of the order for one reason or another even though the payment already happen.
To avoid that, you want to configure the order of the payment plugin as the last one in the Joomla plugins manager so that your plugin is triggered last, just before the order is created and after all the other plugins have already been triggered.

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