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-- url of the page with the problem -- :
-- HikaShop version -- : 4.3.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.9.20
-- PHP version -- : 7.0.33
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Firefox 78.0.2

Hi Everyone,

I'm having some troubles with managing the availability of products on my online shop and was hoping for some guidance on what the best method is for this situation. The website I manage is for a business that sells rural farming supplies, ranging from cropping chemicals, pet food, fencing, and just about everything you'd need to run a farm. One part of the business is the saddlery department that is responsible for selling horse equipment and clothing both in-store and online. However, due to low demand for our clothing, we only order in a limited amount of stock from our suppliers. Thus when we get a new t-shirt in, we will usually get only one of each size and colour for that particular item. For example, we might get a polo shirt in blue, green, and yellow but only order it in four different sizes, resulting in twelve variants of the same polo shirt. Given that we only have one of each variant in stock, what is the best way to set up the stock levels when adding this product to HikaShop?

As items have been sold both in-store and online, we've unpublished the variants that are no longer in stock. However, we're still having trouble figuring out what the best way do manage stock levels are. Do we need to assign a stock level parent item or will setting the stock level at the variant level be enough? Once an item has been sold, it is very unlikely that we will get more of that product in stock again and therefore, unpublish the product. I know there are some automated functions to do this but I'm not quite sure as to how to set this up correctly for this website. Any guidance will be a huge help!


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Follow me step by step to achieved for me the best setup :
1. First in your main product (in Product tab) add the total quantity, I mean the total quantity of all the availabie variant product, let's say 16 in Quantity.
2. For each variant define quantity of each variants like this by example :
Var A : 4
Var B : 4
Var C : 4
Var D : 4

From this, when the customer will arrived on the product listing page (before have define a variant) he will see the total stock of the product, here 16.
Then, I will define on the product page the variant and will see the number of available product for this configuration, here 4
Let's say that he purchase 2 of Var B.
When the order will be complete stock will be update like this :

Main product (from listing view Qty : 14)
Variant product (from product page or backend variants tab)
Var A : 4
Var B : 2
Var C : 4
Var D : 4

And will be automatic, now for your direct in store sale, you will have to manually update your relative product.
Or as a suggestion, you can use this barcode plugin , which will update any scanned product on your website.

Hope this will help you to progress in your work.

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Hi Philip,

Thanks heaps for that guide! It's a huge help!


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