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I have read on the forums that Hikashop does not support the Barclays ePDQ payment gateway plugin at the moment. What is the costing for you to create this gateway plugin for Hikashop and what would the time scale be.


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There was actually two payment plugins for HikaShop for ePDQ, one by CustomWeb which was discontinued a few years back, and one by Smooth Lines which was still listed on our end since today. However, the website of that second one isn't working anymore so it seems that the plugin has been lost.
So since there was a solution for it up until know, we didn't look into it.
While we develop from time to time new payment plugins, we prefer leaving that to other developers as it's quite easy to do compared to developing core features in HikaShop.
We have some documentation available for PHP developers here ( ) so that they can develop such plugin on their end.
Many of our partners have already developed payment plugins for their clients, and several of them have even published them, free or not, so you might want to contact them if you want someone to work on that for you:
The cost of the development of a payment plugin can vary greatly based on the complexity of the integration on the payment gateway side and the partner so it's hard to give any useful information on that. The best is to contact them directly.

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