Where do I get the Stripe payment method?

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-- url of the page with the problem -- : macos.retro-os.live
-- HikaShop version -- : 4.5.0
-- Joomla version -- : 3.10.6
-- PHP version -- : 7.4

Trying to add this to my market, but can't see where to download it... Any pointers?

--- MundoSangre.com - Fantasy * Steampunk RPG
--- RPGMaker.GamePlayer.club * The engine I am using to make Mundo Sangre

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There are two Stripe plugins for HikaShop:
- This one developed by Obsidev and available on our marketplace:
It uses the Stripe Connect API, which allows it to handle split payments for HikaMarket Multivendor, with the credit card form on your website at the end of the checkout.
- This one developed by Ignisdev and available on their website:
It uses the Stripe Checkout API, which will redirect the customer to Stripe for the payment after the checkout. This allows it to support more payment methods than just credit cards but it doesn't support split payments.

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