Switching from PayPal Pro to PayPal Advanced

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-- HikaShop version -- : 5.0.2
-- Joomla version -- : 4.4.0
-- PHP version -- : 8.2


We currently use the HikaShop PayPal Pro plugin for unbranded payments so customers can enter the credit card directly into the form on the checkout page, which gets processed by PayPal in the background.

Our PayPal account representative recently reached out to us with a suggestion to replace the PayPal Pro payment method with the PayPal Advanced payment method because it comes with lower processing fees.

Specifically, this is the PayPal product they were referencing:

However, upon checking the HikaShop PayPal Advanced Plugin page, there was a warning that this payment method is being deprecated by PayPal and that we should switch to PayPal Checkout plugin.

When we contacted PayPal about this, they were clear that this is not the case and that PayPal Advanced is a modern solution they are actively recommending at the moment.

Can you please confirm if the HikaShop PayPal Advanced Plugin is directly related to the PayPal Advanced product mentioned by our PayPal representative, or is it just an internal Hikashop name that uses a different (older) PayPal API under the hood?

We were confused by these mixed messages.

If it is indeed just a naming confusion, can you please suggest which HikaShop payment plugin we could use (if any) to utilize the PayPal Advanced API as recommended by our representative?

Again, our goal is to keep the unbranded payment method so we can process credit cards directly on the checkout page, but use this more modern PayPal product that promises lower fees.

Thank you

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Your link is the documentation for PayPal Checkout Advanced.
It's based on PayPal Checkout. We're actually talking with our contacts at PayPal to add that capability to the PayPal Checkout plugin in the future.

The PayPal Advanced plugin we have there is now called "PayPal Payments Advanced":

Here is the explanation page where is says it is now legacy:

So you were right in doubting what your contact at PayPal was saying.
The problem is that terminology at PayPal changes between different countries, and little by little as now APIs get rolled out and old ones get deprecated.

So for now, there is no option to use PayPal Checkout Advanced with HikaShop. But hopefully, it should be by the end of the year.

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