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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.0.1
-- Joomla version -- : 3.8.2
-- PHP version -- : 5.6

Hi Dear

We notice that the Hikashop product detail page layout had long never been updated to the trends

The current photo gallery is not mobile friendly and very outdated design

Attached the url for the latest trends of product display

1. Mobile - product photo swipe gallery
2. Desktop - product gallery scrolling
3. Desktop - Fix product description and specification part

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7 months 5 days ago #301429


Actually, the default photo gallery on the product page is done with the popup system of Joomla.
However, since then, we've developped several other solutions:
- In the "image popup mode" setting of the HikaShop configuration, you can change to "shadowbox (external)", which will use the shadowbox photo gallery system instead which is much better. We however can't activate it byb default as it uses an external script (from our CDN).
- Our oldest partner Obsidev released at the beginning of the year a plugin which adds three more photo gallery system to that "image popup mode" setting:
With that, you have many ways to display the images on the product page.
And MagicToolbox also had many solutions since a long time for more dynamic slideshows of the product images on the product page:

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