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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.2.1

how to obtain a simple, logical "/category/subcategory1/subcategory2/subcategoryN/product_id" path?

I cannot understand how HikaShop builds the URL, which either is missing all subcategories or adds category_pathway suffix, depending on the "Simplified breadcrumbs" setting.

Would you help me to understand, please?
Thank you very much.
Kind regards

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HikaShop doesn't build the URL based on the categories tree.
It builds the URL like this:
The part "alias-of-main-menu-item/alias-of-child-menu-item" is generated by joomla based on your menu item structure.
The part "product-sef-name" comes from what you have in the "product sef name" setting of the HikaShop configuration.
And then you have the product id and the product alias.
So if you want the URL to reflect your category tree structure, you have two options:
- You create menu items in the Joomla menu manager to reflect your category tree structure. In each menu item, you select the corresponding category in the "main category" setting. Then, you can empty the "product sef name" setting in the HikaShop configuration and you'll get a result similar to what you want.
- You use a SEF URL alias system like there is in sh404SEF or other SEF extensions.
With it, you can create a SEF URL alias for each product page with whatever text you want in the SEFed URL so you have total control on how the SEFed URL looks like.

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