Add Product Brand and Shipping Address In Order Emails

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-- HikaShop version -- : 4.3.0

1) I would like to add the Product Brand in the Order emails. I add the below but it's not correct. What is the correct tag?

2) Also, I noticed that only the Billing address is showing in the customer order email. Both the billing and shipping address was showing before so I'm not sure what changed. How can I add back the Shipping Address in the emails?


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1. You can only add the tags that are available in the list when you click on the "list of tags" button.
There is no tag to add the name of the brand of the product as that data is not loaded in the order notification emails.
This would require some PHP coding in the preload area with a MySQL query etc.
You'll need to have a developer to work on that.

2. The shipping address should display if you have a shipping method in the orders.
Can you confirm that you have a shipping method in the orders ? If not, then it's probably that you removed the "shipping" view from the checkout workflow. You should add it back and have at least one shipping method.
If you don't want to display that area on the checkout, you can always hide it with a bit of CSS and/or make it read-only.

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