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I am wondering does hikashop product listing at front-end provide the pagination with arrows same as the backend pagination?

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Well, in short I can't say yes or no, it's both.

The longer version is:
Yes, the file product / listing_div.php of HikaShop has code to call for the display of the pagination and it gives it the pagination data loaded before in HikaShop, and yes, it's then the file administrator/components/com_hikashop/helpers/pagination.php which extends Joomla's pagination to process the pagination.
However, below the hood, it's still Joomla which displays the elements of the pagination, and usually the template you're using overrides these in its templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/pagination.php file.
Now, I suppose you're asking this because you want to do something to the pagination. If you want to customize it, normally, you want to either:
- add CSS to your template
- modify the file templates/YOUR_TEMPLATE/html/pagination.php of the template ( an example of such file is available here: )

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