Problems with tax rate and options editor

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3 months 2 weeks ago #354663

-- HikaShop version -- : 4.7.4
-- Joomla version -- : 4.3.2
-- PHP version -- : 8
-- Browser(s) name and version -- : Firefox

Hi there,
Im playing around with Hikashop due it was part of my template. I am struggeling with 3 things, I have made a video so you can understand better:

1. I cannot enter a text in the editor frontend when trying to edit a product variant I only can enter html code
2. I have added 2 product variants and entered a text to each of it. When I switch the product variant in frontend the text is not changing. Its only showing the text of variant 1.
3. How can I set up a custom tax rate? I only can chos 0% and I dont see an option to change that.

Thanks for your help,

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3 months 2 weeks ago #354673


1. This comes from a confict with the HTML editor and something else on your website when loaded dynamically.
To circumvent the issue, click on the "Deactivate form customization" button, at the bottom of the product edit page of the main product and it should then work.

2. This text is not part of the default display of the product details page of HikaShop. It looks like something added by your template provider when it customized the product page layout, but it didn't make it so that it would support variant changing.
I would recommend reporting the issue to your template provider support.

3. Go in the menu System>Taxes. There, click on the "manage tax rates" button at the top. You'll then access the listing of the tax rates where you can create new tax rates. Once done, you'll be able to select the tax rates you create in the "tax rate" setting of your tax rule.

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