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Hi. I am using Hikashop Business. I have the following directory structure:

Product Category

> Media
>> Records
>> CDs
>> BluRay

> Genre
>> Rock
>> Jazz
>> Blues

So the parent category of both Media and Genre is Product Category

Is it possible to configure the Hikashop product module to display, for example, only Records that have Rock as the genre. Right now if I select Rock, its will show Records, CDs and BluRays


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There is no option to do that.
What you could do is to create a category "rock records" (unpublished if you don't want it to appear on the frontend). Then, you can create a mass action with two filters on the category, one for rock, one for records, and an action to add the "rock records" category. When you process the mass action, the products which are in both categories will be added to that third category.
That way, if you create a module for that category only the products you want will be listed in it.

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