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We would like to generate the following report and I am having difficulty determining the best way of accomplishing.

We need to generate a sales report that tells us the quantity and frequency of sales by product. This should be a listing of products with the following columns.

Product Name | Quantity

Where Quantity is the number of times the product was sold in a specific period (last month, last week, etc.)

We also are using HikaMarket, so we would also want to be able to run this for specific vendors as well.

Thank you.

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You can do a report like this:
That will give you a listing with the product name and the quantity over the period you selected. And you can also restrict the order statuses so that you only take into account shipped orders and/or confirmed orders.
Now there is no mechanism to filter by vendor. But you can filter by category. And if you configured HikaMarket to have a category per vendor that would be something possible. Otherwise, I'm afraid this would require some development to add a filter on the vendors to the system.

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