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I sell t-shirts, hoodies and other textiles with prints.

Now I have 2 foundations (and more will follow) that try to raise money and give the supporter of the foundation a little something.

So, I've set up a separate category for foundations and within that, the foundations. The foundation will forward there supporters to the site where they can order the items they want. Included in the price is a donation to the foundation which I need to transfer into their account.

How can I make a front-end report with a link for only that foundation so they can see how much was ordered and how much I should make over to their account? Or, can I have a copy of the order mailed automatically to the foundation itself once it's paid?

Hope you can follow what I try to accomplish.

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The simplest would be to use HikaMarket Multivendor ( ). Then, just create one vendor account for each foundation and link each product to the corresponding vendor.
HikaMarket will then handle the mailing of the vendors automatically, you can set the fees/commissions so that the system will calculate the amount earned by each vendor automatically, and you can create a menu item of the type "HikaMarket vendor control panel" to give them access to their sales and statistics on the frontend.
So it does everything you requested automatically for you once setup.

The alternative would be hiring a developer to forward the emails based on the category of the products, and develop the frontend interfaces for the reporting. So it would cost a lot of money.

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