Australia Post Shipping Calculation - not working for my type of product

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I am revisiting using the Aussie Post Plugin mainly because some clients want packages to be sent to a PO Box - which Sendle Shipping won't do. However, I can't use Aussie Post for one of my main products. I am looking for a workaround.

I have a product that is effectively like a tray. It is 45cm x 45cm x 5cm deep. If I order one of these the Aussie Post calculator is correct.
However, these are normally ordered in multiples. The way hikashop works is that it takes the 5cm deep measurement and and multiplies it by the number of products ordered. So if there are 6 of the same product being ordered, the overall measurement will be 45cm x 45cm x 30cm. BUT, each of the products actually sits inside the other so the first product is 5cm deep, when you add a second product, it adds only 1cm so is 6cm deep so for 6 products, they are actually only 10cm deep.

There is a lot of difference in shipping cost as a result.

To add to the complexity, I have a specific box size which is slightly bigger obviously than the product so is 48cm x 48cm but the depth is 11cm. This allows me to send anywhere up to 9 of the same product so shipping volume is the same, but weight will be slightly different.

I just can't find a way to replicate this at all - and can't think of a workaround where I am not either over charging customers or losing money each time I ship.

It would be good if I could set a weight and volume for specific quantities ordered but doesn't look like this possible.

Any ideas?

Ideally, I would like to be able to

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How about activating the "shipping price per product" setting of the Australia Post shipping method ? Then, in the settings of your products, you'll find an extra "shipping prices" area where you can configure extra fees for shipping the product for each shipping method with that setting activated. And you can configure different fees for different quantities of the product.

Another solution I can think of is to add custom fields of the table "product" to add that extra information to your products, and then add custom code to the Australia Post plugin to handle that extra information when calculating the weight / volume of the packages.
I think you're looking at a few hundred euros of development for that.

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